Community Organisations

The centre is used by both primary and secondary school students, as well as organisations that support NEET Young People, mental health services, disability groups and Homeless services.

Benefits of watersports:

Engaging in watersports can benefit people in a variety of ways, boosting health and fitness and mental wellbeing. Watersports also gives people the opportunity to gain and improve transferrable skills such as teamwork, confidence and decision making.

Groups working with older or disabled people may enjoy our new Wheelyboat.

The centre offers a range of courses for people to be able to gain qualifications, as well as improving their confidence in the water. Find out more about our courses here.

Experience of our instructors: 

Our staff are highly experienced at working with a variety of groups and helping people to enjoy watersports in a safe way. 


To find out more please call us on 0151 708 9322 or fill in the contact form below.


110 Mariners Wharf,
Queens Dock,
L3 4DG

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