Sunday mornings 9-11am Wednesday 5pm-8.00pm


Safety is paramount therefore every open water swimmer must sign a NOWCA registration form agreeing to obey the rules and conditions at LWC you will receive a swimband for the season costing £10. To save time you can do this on website .

Swimmers must be healthy and have no known medical conditions and be fit and well enough to undertake open water swimming.

All swimmers must wear a bright coloured swim cap and goggles.

Wetsuits are optional during the warmer months you must sign a waiver form. Wetsuit hire is also available for £5 or £10 for tri wetsuit.

Swimming time is limited to 1 hour per swimmer. 

If you want to swim outside the arranged times you must let reception know and wear a safety float we have some to use for free,this option is only available to swim pass holders and experienced swimmers only.

There will be no swimming if the weather conditions are severe or the centre staff are not present

The staff reserve the right at any time to refuse entry into the water to any swimmer who is deemed unfit to take part or not obeying the safety code/rules.

All pay as you go swimmers must pay £5 entry at the office prior to entering the water.

Guest swimmers without band £7

block swim pass = 10 swims for £40 

monthly pass £28

season pass £110  

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Swim Season April 1st to September 30th